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Frequently Asked Questions


1  For account enquiries, who do I liaise with?  Customer Services Officer
2 How do I know if I have any returned cheques? You will be informed by phone.
3 If I lose my cheque book, what am I expected to do? Report in writing to the bank stating the cheques series, police report and sworm affidavit.
4 How do I order for any cheque? Fill in the cheque request form and come personally for the cheque.
5 Can I transfer funds from my account to accounts? Yes, NIP Transfer available
6 How do I get my statements of account? Upon request
7 What is the minimum initial deposit to open an account with the bank Current Account N2, 000, Corporate Account N10, 000, Savings Account N2, 000
 What are the charges on the current account?  Account Maintenance Fee, Salary Admin. Charges
 9  Can I pay a cheque into my savings account?  No
 10  can I use NPF Microfinance bank Plc ATM card on other banks' ATMs?  Yes
 11  Can I use NPF Microfinance Bank Plc ATM card to purchase goods at stores?  Yes (POS)
 12  What is the bank’s operating hours?  8a.m-4p.m Monday-Friday
 13  How long does it take to open an account with the bank?  Same Day
14 Can I obtain loan from the bank?  Loans can be obtained from all the branches if you operate current account and micro loan account.
15 What are the securities required? (a) Landed property (b) Personal Guarantee
16 Can I access my account in any other branches across the country? Yes, you can
17 What other credit products does the bank offer?  (a) Micro Lease (b) Overdraft/Salary Advance payment on card (c) NPF Housing Loan (d) Edu-POFA Account (e) NPF LPO Financing (f) Micro Savings (g) Asset Acquisition Scheme/Lease
18 How many days does it take to clear a cheque paid into account? 3 days
19 What other savings products does the bank offer? IGP, Fixed deposit POFA, PASA, Edu-POFA, Micro Savings
20 How many days does it take to obtain loan? 1 week
21 Can I use my share certificate as a form of securities for obtaining loan? Yes (share of reputable institutions)
22 Can I ask for overdraft? Yes
23 Is the loan meant for Police Officers only? No
24 Who does the bank give loan to? Loans are always given to customers that mee the bank’s requirements
25 What charges do I need to pay before my loan is approved? You need 5% mandatory savings deposit for salary account holder and 30% mandatory savings deposit for non- salary account holders
26 What are the monthly charges?  No monthly charges
27 Do you charge interest for your services? Mgt. fee of 2% flat--- only for credit approved.
28 Can I use NPF ATM card to buy airtime of all Network Yes
29 Can I change my pin on any bank’s ATM using NPF Microfinance ATM Verve (Debit / Credit) Yes
30 Can I do a transfer on the ATM using NPF Debit/Credit Verve card? No
 31  When having disputes (ie cash dispense without payment) who /where do I lay complain?  Walk into any Branch of NPF Microfinance Bank Plc requesting for a dispute form through the CSO/E-Business Officer of the branch.